Mold Inspection Service for Lynnwood Home and Business

Mold Inspection - Lynwood

As a professional mold inspection, detection and testing company, we can provide a certified mold inspector for Lynnwood commercial and residential properties whose results may benefit:

  • You and your family members
  • Commercial and business owners
  • Property and facility managers
  • Potential home or business buyers

Mold symptoms such as sinus infections, asthma, headaches, dizziness or other health issues caused by high spore counts can be identified as a result of problems found by our CIE mold specialist crew.

Whether you are experiencing minor mold growth, or a widespread toxic mold from hidden water problems, we highly recommend seeking professional mold inspection by a certified mold inspector.

When hiring our mold specialist crew there are no conflicts of interest because we do not offer mold removal or remediation services. Call us today!

Certified Mold Inspector Serving Lynnwood Residents


Mold inspection is best left to a certified mold inspector that has the knowledge and expertise to locate and identify the presence of mold, especially toxic mold growth from unseen water problems.

We have a highly-qualified mold specialist crew that uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment for mold detection and testing for residents in Lynnwood.

An in-depth mold inspection will identify the size and type of mold present in affected areas, providing vital information for home and business owners in contracting for a mold remediation program.

Additionally, our mold specialist will:

  • Prepare samples for testing
  • Interpret the laboratory findings
  • Conduct a post-remediation mold test
  • Prepare guidelines for prevention of future mold growth

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Why Should Lynnwood Property Owners Choose a Mold Specialist?

Mold Inspection Lynwood

As a type of fungi, mold is everywhere around us and can become a serious problem when it grows inside a home or commercial facility.

And while there are more than 1,000 different types of mold in U.S. homes, mold growth on indoor surfaces is an indication of unmitigated moisture presence, and the cause should be identified by a certified mold inspector and corrected.

These are a few reasons why Lynnwood property owners should choose our mold specialist crew to conduct a mold inspection:

  • Identification of the moisture source
  • Determining if visible mold is toxic
  • Identifying the type of mold
  • Post mold removal clearance testing
  • Health concerns

We are in the business of inspecting, testing and consulting, and have no conflict of interest with removal or remediation services.

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