American Mold Inspection (AMI) specializes in indoor air quality mold inspection and testing services in the Greater Seattle area…

We provide rapid response in emergency situations, attention to project timelines, quality assurance to residential and commercial clients, and fast, analytical laboratory reporting. We are home mold specialists with service in Seattle and the Eastside, from Puyallaup to Mt. Vernon.

We assist private and public sectors: home owners, buyers, sellers, renter, realtors, insurance companies, etc. in the determination of possible health risk or hazard that may occur with the presence of mold or asbestos.

American Mold Inspection retains mold photomicrographs as permanent documentation of fungal samples and contamination that are easily retrievable for any future need.

Hiring a mold inspector that does not provide remediation work, prevents conflict of interest and assists the consumer in better evaluating remediation needs and expenses.

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Robert Peterson

Founder of American Mold Inspection

  • Over 33 years in the fires service specializing in operations and organizational management as Fire Chief. 11 years working in fire prevention/building inspections.

  • Digital Diagnostic Laboratories Certified Technician

  • American IAQ Council (ACCA) “Certified Indoor Environmentalist “CIE” No. 0703087

  • Member “Indoor Air Quality Association “IAQA” No. 18068

  • WA tax registration No. 602-739-629