Mold inspection and mold testing services should always be considered when individuals or businesses suspect health risk or hazard to occupants in an indoor environment.American Mold Inspection specializes in indoor air quality mold inspection and testing services for these needs. AMI provides rapid response in emergency situations, attention to project timelines, quality assurance to residential and commercial clients, and provides fast, analytical laboratory results reporting. We are home mold specialists with service to Seattle and the Eastside, south to Puyallaup and north to Mt. Vernon.

Why Inspect and Test for Mold?

The primary purpose of the professional services provided by American Mold Inspection is to assist the consumer in the determination of any possible health risk or hazard that may be present and possibly affecting the general safety of the parties involved. We will provide guidance in determining what action should be taken to solve a mold problem and to help prevent any reoccurrence.  Our mold inspectors are qualified in sampling and laboratory procedures, protocols and methodologies including chain of custody, sample preparation for mold testing, and the interpretation of analytical lab data for mold testing results. AMI provides interior and exterior evaluations for remediation consulting purposes to assist consumers in the appropriate actions needed to solve fungal contamination situations.

Fungal Contamination

Mold can be visible, or sometimes hidden. We will take both surface and air samples, including in/behind wall mold sample(s) collection for laboratory analysis.

AMI Clearance Testing

Indoor Environmental Health and Safety and Insurance Claims can involve crisis management and investigations into such issues as water damage due to extinguishing fires, or severe weather, faulty construction, or plumbing. Remediation of fungal contamination may be required to assure occupant safety.  AMI provides clearance testing to remediators but does not do the actual remediation work, assuring the consumer of no conflict of interest.